Entry for 'February 12, 2019'

Comment sent in response to Inside Higher Education article on Feb 12, 2018 The N-Word in the Classroom.

We have all seen the "N-word" term referred to in our popular media in an attempt to avoid using the word "nigger", thus evading any serious analysis of the term and the history it represents. "Nigger" has a long and ugly history, particularly in the U. S. Derived from the Spanish and Portuguese word "negro" (Black), and from the French "nègre" (negro), the term "nigger" had by the 1900s become a pejorative variation. Will ignoring the history of a term reduce the racism that exists? Probably not. We should be aware of the language we use, or have used, and its hurtful effect on others, as well as the behavior we need to exhibit to confront and eliminate our racism.
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